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Top College Majors

Here at Major Mash, I want you to have a successful career. And unfortunately, sometimes you may have people in your life telling you "follow your passion!". A lot of times that isn't reality if you want have a successful career that makes possible six figure income. Unfortunately, the world revolves around money, and if you don't realize that now, it will be a reality at some point. Therefore, I do not recommend majoring in something that may not lead to high income. Although, yes, high income is a subjective term.

I advise majoring in STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. If you pick a major from one of those four categories, or pick something Healthcare related such as Nursing, you're on the path to a good career! Below is a list of my 15 favorite college majors (opinion based), which have good income and job prospects. I'll be using BLS for salary information which is a government website for career and salary data. It will also show you which jobs are future-proof an how fast they are growing.

  1. Computer Science

Here you see this is a lucrative major, and has good job growth. Ignore the Masters entry-level education, there are plenty of jobs that will accept a Bachelor degree. The most common job among Computer Science graduates is Software Engineer and it requires only a Bachelor's. You will see the salary information for that career in the next graphic.

  1. Software Engineering

Computer Science and Software Engineering degrees usually lead to the same jobs. The difference between the two degrees depends on the school. Sometimes Software Engineering has less math and theory, and more actual application type courses.

  1. Nursing

This is #3 mostly if you are in California or plan to move to California, but other states Nurses do good as well. In California, a Registered Nurse with their BSN can make well over $100,000 starting and a Travel Nurse over $300,000! Depending on the Travel Agency, time of season, and if there is any kind of pandemic. I would recommend not Travel Nursing the moment you get your degree, get a couple years experience first! Hospitals expect Travel Nurses to know their stuff. This is just a recommendation.

Nurses are always in high-demand, so it is yet another future-proof degree. Just understand that Nursing is HARD! Nursing school is very difficult and stressful, and the job is even harder but varies hospital to hospital. I recommend you talking to a few Nurses before actually majoring in this.

  1. Aerospace Engineering

Only select schools will have this major, and it will probably be some of the pricier schools in the country. However, the salary is great and the growth is good. It is a very good major.

  1. Chemical Engineering

Good pay and growth. As you can see, there is a growing trend on this list.... Engineering!

  1. Electrical & Computer Engineering

Sometimes these are different majors, and separated into Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. And sometimes, some schools have Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as one major. Electrical Engineering is if you are more into hardware and building things, wanting to understand how it all works. I know as a kid I was always curious how things worked, I would unscrew everything and then put it back together! It also has a good salary and good growth. Also, plenty of Electrical Engineer majors end up venturing into Software as well, you're not locked into just Hardware jobs! You may have to add projects to your resume if you want a Software job with this degree though.

  1. Management Information Systems

This degree has several different names, all depends on the school. Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems, Information Systems. The BLS information is a little off in this. This major doesn't exactly lead to management (well, sometimes) despite "Management" being in the title. This job usually leads to Business Analyst, DevOps, and even Software Engineer if you can add projects and network. This is a hidden gem degree that isn't that popular. If you love business classes and Computer Science classes, this is the major for you!

  1. Mechanical Engineering

Another great degree if you physically like building things and curious how it all goes together. It pays well and has good job growth. Just beware that sometimes it's a little harder to venture into the Software side of things with this degree. Although it's still an amazing major!

  1. Physics

I love Physics. A lot of my time will be spent on YouTube or some corner of the internet learning about Physics, Astronomy, and Astrophysics from an entertainment perspective. However, from a non-entertainment perspective, Physics is HARD! Many agree this is the most difficult College Major (subjective). If you've never seen a physics problem on an exam, you're in for a real treat! Physics majors have great careers and a lot of them work in a lab. However, they can work any job! Companies love Physics majors because the fact they graduated with this major shows the employer that you are capable of accomplishing anything. Many Physics majors become employed in the tech world or even the finance world.

  1. Statistics

Statistics is a fantastic degree if you want to be a statistician, statistic professor, or any data job. Stats is the gold standard if you want to work in data. You can get a Data Analyst job with a Stats degree, and possibly even a Data Scientist job if your current company is looking for one. Usually a Data Scientist would need a Master's degree, however. A Stats Bachelors and Data Science Masters is a popular and sought after combination by companies.

  1. Economics

Economics is a very difficult degree, but worth the reward. You can easily work in the public sector as an Economist, Policy Analyst, and many other job choices. Also a great degree if you want to become a politician. You can also work in the private sector as a Financial Analyst, Data Analyst, among many other roles.

  1. Biomedical Engineering

This is a great major and Biomedical Engineering is a field that's growing more and more. Not every school has this major, so do your research regarding which schools have it or not. Do you have a passion for healthcare? Do you want to help build hardware and technology for the purpose of healthcare while having a rewarding salary? Well, this major is for you!

  1. Information Technology

While Computer Science and Software Engineering are more lucrative majors, Information Technology is an absolutely tremendous major! If you want to do less heavy math, and also more interested in cybersecurity type jobs, System Admin, Cloud jobs, or some type of Security Analyst, a Information Technology degree will work great for you and still has amazing pay. Plus, the demand is INSANE. This industry is growing rapidly.

  1. Finance

This is a degree that might require some networking (as all jobs do) but if you can get into a good Finance firm, this degree has way, way more potential than the listed salary. You'll learn valuable skills such as knowledge about the stock markets, retirement plans, banks, economics, etc. The skillset one gets from a Finance degree is very valuable in both your personal and professional life.

  1. Accounting

This degree usually has less earning potential than the other degrees, but if you can get into a Big 4 Firm with your CPA (Certified Public Account license), or eventually start your own company with your CPA, your income potential is unlimited. Getting your CPA is hard and requires a ton of studying, but it's a highly valuable tool and every Accountant should aim for one. Also, if you are ever going to run a business, knowing Accounting is a must!