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Bachelor Degree Speed Run

Here we will talk about how to speed run a Bachelor Degree in 6-24 Months, which is much shorter than the standard 4 to 5 years. So you may think, how is this even possible? There's really a shortcut while still learning the material? Absolutely! In American school systems, 1/3 of your education will be General Education, which takes up a minimum 16 months of your time! Also another 17% of your courses are Non-Major Electives that also vary on importance.

With ACE Credits, you can do General Education fast, and even courses in your major fast as well. We are talking just days per course! What are ACE Credits? ACE Credits are college recommended courses by the American Council of Education. These courses are then accepted by partner schools such as Western Governors University and Thomas Edison State University. There are several websites that have ACE Credit Courses, but the "big three" are,, and You can finish ACE Credit Courses in 2 days if you put in the time! That’s 3 College Credits in 2-3 days!

Currently to our knowledge, Thomas Edison State University and do not have a partnership, and you will need to communicate with both programs if you plan to use Sophia credits with Thomas Edison. Western Governors University and Thomas Edison State University are the schools we recommend, taking into ease of transfer, amount of credits accepted, cost, and degree program variety. However, all partner schools will work with ACE Credits. I recommend you make sure the school you choose, that your degree is Regionally Accredited and not just Nationally Accredited. Most Employers look for Regionally Accredited degrees when certifying degrees. This is just a recommendation and you may choose whichever school you desire.

Are you ready to finally get a Bachelor Degree? Or perhaps a second Bachelor Degree? I'm excited to help you with your journey! Here at Major Mash, I will help supply you with Spreadsheets for many Degree Plans at WGU, and the Computer Science Degree plan at Thomas Edison State University. These spreadsheets will show you which courses will transfer in as equivalent courses at these schools and completely streamline this process for you! Easily figure out what class transfers as what, and track all of your progress! And enjoy 30% off at

In the next few sections, we will go over the differences between,, and