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Course Structure:

StraighterLine's course structure has 4 quizzes per class, which are 25 questions per quiz. This means only 100 questions on their quizzes total, whereas will have 500ish. However, these questions are much harder, and will require more intense studying.

The scoring system on StraighterLine is a little more complicated but here's how it works, find the Syllabus of the class you are taking and see how many points the Quizzes and Final are worth.

The Quizzes plus Non-Proctored Midterm Exam add up to 700 points and the Final is worth 300 points. Therefore, if you get 100% on all the exams, you can realistically get 0% on the Final. This is one of the things that makes StraighterLine interesting, and one of the reasons I recommend doing Math courses on their platform over and

This is how most classes are structured, but not all of them. The Quizzes and Non-Proctored Midterm Exam are worth 700 total points and Final is worth 300 points.

User Interface:

Unfortunately we do not have pictures as StraighterLine doesn't have a guest preview but it is the only website of the three that has a darker theme. However, even though it has a darker theme. We If you like darker interfaces, that will be a plus.

Pricing Model:

StraighterLine cost $99 a month, however, no classes come for free like's and Sophia does. Each class, is on average, $79. Therefore, two classes on StraighterLine will run you $259 compared to $235 on Although one cool thing on StraighterLine is there is no maximum amount of classes, you can take as many as you want in a month, as long as you keep paying. So StraighterLine can actually save you a ton of money if you do a lot of classes in a month.

Is StraighterLine Proctored?

Yes. It is the only website of the three that has live proctored Finals. It is a quick and easy process though. You schedule a test for 72 hours in advance, or pay $8 for an instant schedule. The proctor company is ProctorU and my experience was 99% positive. Out of the 20+ Proctors I had, I only had one bad experience, possibly from someone just having a bad day.

Average Course Length:

StraighterLine can be done even faster than, if you do an instant proctor, however, the average user takes a little longer to complete a StraighterLine course as they are a bit more rigorous. If you hustle, probably about 5-7 days.