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ACE Credits is our recommended platform.

Course Structure: usually has about 80-150 quizzes per course, that are 5 questions per quiz. All of them will involve a small reading assignment before you start the quiz. You want to aim for 98 - 100% on all the quizzes combined. That will make it so you don't need to get such a high score on the final.

Here is the scoring model for 100 level courses on

There are 300 points total, and you need 210 points to pass. Basically, if you get 100% on all of the quizzes, then you only need 55% on The Final to pass. This why the quizzes are very important and you should not be guessing the answers on them. All of the quiz answers are in the reading passage if you pay attention and digest the information. Also, it's great to take notes during the reading!

User Interface: has our favorite user interface of the three websites. It's modern, simplistic, and overall clean looking. Easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. We would always suggest websites having a dark mode option for us dark mode junkies 😏, but it's one of my favorite lighter interfaces on the web.

Inside the class:

Inside the Quiz:

Pricing Model: costs $235 per month with two classes coming with that price every month. You can do a third, fourth, and fifth class per month but they will cost an additional $70 each. Five classes is the maximum of classes per month. which would equivalent to 15-16 college credits per month, yes, per month! You can complete school at a record pace. You can get 30% off's membership for three months with our link in our spreadsheets. Just check any of the spreadsheets and click the link.

Is proctored?

Yes, but not live. You download their software, turn on your webcam, scan your room, and record yourself taking the test. At the end of the test, you do not have to do anything. The recording is automatically saved and a human will review it in 1-4 days. Usually 1-2 days business days from my experiences. I would also like to note, and this may have been fixed, I had trouble with my WiFi staying connected during tests. Once I direct connected with Ethernet, the problem was fixed for all future tests. If this happens to you, do not panic! Just sign back into the test like normal, re-scan your room, and the test will be saved where you left off from!

Average Course Length:

Everyone completes courses at different times. Someone who works a full time job might not be able to keep up with someone who doesn't. However, the fastest you can complete a course is a couple days. This is the 100 Level Classes. Some of the 200-300 level classes take longer as they have a project. Go at your own pace and accomplish what you can. It's not a race. You'll still get done faster than a normal four year curriculum.