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Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University is an amazing school, it is one of the eleven Public State University's in New Jersey. It's a great school if you want to get a Computer Science degree, Computer Information Systems degree, or any Business degree. The great thing about Thomas Edison, is they allow more Computer Science courses to be transferred into their school than WGU. It is theoretically possible to transfer in 90 ACE Credits (maximum), do 24 Credits at a Community College (you may already have these) or WGU, and just do 6 Credits at Thomas Edison State University, one class being a Final Capstone. This is rare though, and you'll likely need around 12+ credits at the school. In the Thomas Edison spreadsheet, I will show you how to accomplish this.

Thomas Edison does 3 Month Semesters, which is great. However, it's not recommended to do more than two classes in that semester as the workload can be a lot. Three classes if you're taking easier courses. I would never recommend taking 12 credits in these 3 Month Semesters.

If you do your Computer Science degree at Thomas Edison, you will avoid Discrete Math II and Data Structures & Algorithm II that WGU requires. However, TESU has a $3,300 residency fee if you complete under 15 credits at the school, which is not covered by Financial Aid. Therefore, this usually becomes a more expensive option than WGU.