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Transfer Spreadsheets


General Education Courses:

We recommend or Sophia for this, but all three websites work. We prefer for its user interface, simplicity, and addicting short quiz model that keeps you motivated and engaged.

Tech Courses:

We recommend for it's wide range of Computer Science and other tech courses.

Math Courses:

We actually recommend these on StraighterLine due to them being arguably easier than the other websites and not needing a high grade on the final if you do well on the quizzes.

English Courses:

We recommend these on StraighterLine as well, being English I and English II. The reason we recommend them on StraighterLine is not all schools accept's English, while StraighterLine is universally accepted. Therefore, if you decide WGU isn't for you (they accept's English classes), then you will have many other schools as a backup plan. However, if you are 100% you are starting and finishing with WGU, go ahead and do the English courses on

Project Management:

This is for one specific course. It is in some Business degrees on WGU. You can do this course on or Sophia but we recommend Sophia for this one. The one on is complex and overly complicated.