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Western Governors University

Western Governors University is our recommended school. The reason for that, is just like ACE Credits, you decide the pace of your courses! It is one of the only schools in the country where you can finish a course at YOUR pace and not the school's pace. This is because it is a competency-based school. We recommend WGU for ALL majors. However, if you don't mind spending a little extra, taking a little more time, and get to skip Discrete Math II, Computer Science at Thomas Edison State University is also a terrific option, but I recommend trying WGU first.

College Majors:

WGU has a fantastic selection of college majors including:

Computer Science

Software Engineering

Data Analytics

Information Technology


Business Administration - Business Management

Business Administration - Accounting

Business Administration - Human Resources

Business Administration - Information Technology Management


OA Assessments:

This is the most common type of class at WGU. Basically your entire class is based off one exam. Nothing else counts towards your grade. These are my favorite courses at WGU, study hard, and when you feel comfortable, take the test! You also will get three, maybe even four tries per exam. However, we recommend making sure you pass it on your first try, and definitely by your second try, because after that, you have to jump through some hoops to take the test again. There is something called a "PA Assessment" you have to take before the OA. Studying the "topics" on the PA is a valuable study tool for the OA. However, read the material from the class, and look at the "course chatter" to see tips to help you pass.

PA Assessments:

These are courses that do not have a test, and instead, require 2-4 written assignments. Some prefer this style of course. Do not overthink the writing assignments, once you have enough relevant information, turn it in. The worst that will happen is it is kicked back to you to fix up some things. Students taking their time with PA's is one of the things that holds them back with acceleration.


WGU has a Mentor system, which I personally am a big fan of. It helps you from slacking off. Plus your Mentor might become one of your friends that you enjoy talking to! Not all of them will engage in personal talk, but some will, especially if you're doing well and there isn't much to talk about. You'll have weekly 15 minute calls with your Mentor. I had a terrific Mentor at WGU, and his name is Asa Waterstraut. If you are going for Computer Science, I highly recommend Asa (sorry for all the requests you might get Asa!). Each Mentor is capped at a certain amount of students, so not all requests will be granted, and WGU usually assigns a Mentor at random. A vast majority of Mentors are amazing and open to the idea of acceleration, but I have heard stories of some Mentors being against it. Try to prove to your Mentor you have the ability to accelerate by completing your courses fast. If they still don't want you to accelerate, don't be afraid to request a new Mentor. This is your time, money, and education.

WGU Facebook Groups:

WGU has official Facebook groups where everyone supports one another and helps one another out with tips and what to expect in a course. There is also "WGU Accelerators" which is a Non-Official WGU Facebook Group but the most helpful, and three official Facebook Groups called WGU - College of Business and WGU - College of IT, and WGU - School of Education.


Every degree plan is different, but most degrees are around $3800 per semester (6 months) long and you can do as many courses as you want in those six months, even the entire degree!! This is why we recommend doing as many ACE Credits as possible, so you can attempt to do your degree in 1-2 semesters. If you are eligible for FAFSA (Financial Aid from the government), it may pay for your entire tuition. Also, apply for a WGU Scholarship! Don't worry about your grades, WGU's Scholarship team looks at everything and considers many students. You likely won't know if you're accepted for a scholarship until after you start, so don't make this a deciding factor in your enrollment decision.

How to Accelerate: